Home Remodeling Services
We can help you with literally any home improvement project you have around your home. Install replacement windows, add an outlet, remodel your kitchen........ you get the idea.

UpKeepers specializes in everything from tiling your bathroom to remodeling a basement--we can do it all! So go ahead and throw away your "directories" and "lists" and make one phone call to cover all your home's needs.

Here's a partial list of what UpKeepers can do for you:

The reality is, UpKeepers can do almost anything in and around your home and if we feel we can't fix it, we will refer you to someone who can help you. In fact, the only thing our owner, Tom Molidor, has turned down was the removal of skunk odor - he politely referred them to a specialized source!

Gather your punch list and let us do our magic!

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